A Stylish and Balanced Performance based MetaTrader Expert Advisor (EA) for Trading the GBPUSD Pair Only. Using Fixed Stop and Profit Levels, this EA commands control, awareness and adaptability during all Market Conditions.

Since 2015, we have been providing professional Forex trading services to clients on over 80 countries. From capital management to expert advisor systems, our focus is always on building an efficient and results-driven relationship. we work with you to create a customised plan of action for yourself or your organisation.

Our Incredible Automated 100% Automated GBPUSD Trading system - CableStriker is available to the public.

5- year backtest ultimate test of endurance

CableStriker EA demonstrates proven performance using the same settings over a long period using fixed Stop and Take profit orders. CableStriker only trades one trade at a time, no multiple orders, no scaling, cost averaging or martingale tactics.


Taking a look at our 3 year historical test trading CableStriker successfully took a €1,000 account to €51,000 in this time (2017-2020), yielding a NETT Profit of €50,000.


View Full 3 Year Backtest here

View Full 5 Year Backtest here


Standard [ORIGINAL] Settings: Take Profit 13-25 pips, Stop loss 25 pips.

Timeframe -5 Minute Chart. Trading Hours 7am-5pm UK time. (No trades initiated outside this time window).

Money Management: Fixed Lot mechanism.

Key Metrics [ORIGINAL SETTINGS]: Win Rate: 70%, Total Pips: +8530, Trades per Month: 60 (Just under 3 per day), 

Average Month Profit : From 20%-100% month depending on client risk profile.


Key Highlights

  • Over 3000% Gain since 2015

  • Completely 100% Hands Free

  • Passes 5 Year Historical Backtest

  • Focus only on GBPUSD

  • Fixed Stop and Profit Levels

  • Does not Grid or Martingale

  • Works on any Broker with GBPUSD

  • Adaptable and Profitable in ALL Market Conditions

  • No other cost or associated fees

  • Run on your own PC or VPS

  • 5 Minutes Set-Up.

Key Trading Logic: CableStriker works on the M5 Chart of the GBPUSD pair. (5 Minute) timeframe. This means it takes trades on the 5 minute interval only. E.g 11:05, 12:30, 1:35 and so on. It can open 3 trades a day.

The trading window is from 7 am UK time to 5 pm UK time, it will not open a position outside these hours, but may carry over a trade into late US time. Rarely does it hold into Asia session.

CableStriker is a price breakout scalper, essentially it is relying on price action and range breaks to take position. This is a excellent way to determine entry levels because if the market is flat, or ranges are small, it will not open orders, so only opening trades in movements. It also harnesses support and resistance levels during the Asia/Middle East session and uses this levels to determine good entry points. Specially focused on GBPUSD due to its movement and price action during the start of the UK session, it provides excellent trading opportunities daily.


Cost for CableStriker is €299 for ANNUAL LICENCE FOR 2 Live accounts in any broker. This includes all future updates, support and installation files with Trading Template. This gives you the CableStriker EA robot and will run in any broker without restriction.


We offer a FULL 60-DAY money back guarantee, no questions asked should you discover its not for you.

option 2

Managed Account Option (No EA Purchase needed): 50% Free Account Bonus with VantageFX.

We will set up CableStriker Expert Advisor on your account and charge a 10% performance fee for maintaining and running the account on our servers. Managed account must be in one of the 5 Brokers below, and met the minimum balance requirement (varies by broker). In this way, the client does not need to purchase the Robot. Managed Account must be new account in the broker, can not use an existing account or be an existing client.(must be new account open/new client).

We offer the following brokers for account management: Admiral Markets, VantageFX, (50% New account Bonus), BlackbullMarkets, Axitrader and Thinkmarkets.

Managed Account Can Start from as Little as €500.

Contact us for instructions to open a Managed CableStriker Account stipulating your broker of choice:

option 3

Open NEW Live account in one of the brokers below and fund with > €700. Once your account is open and funded, we will send you CableStriker EA [Original]. This must be NEW account in broker, existing accounts DO NOT count. IF you have already account in that broker, you must use another broker.

VantageFX are currently offering 50% Bonus, see here: VANTAGE 50% BONUS OFFER.

Broker Choice:

Vantagefx (Receive up to $250 new Account Bonus) - OPEN LIVE

Minimum: $500. Account Type: RAW MT4 ECN. 500:1 Leverage,

AdmiralMarkets - OPEN LIVE

Minimum: $600. Admiral Zero MT4 Account. 500:1

Open account in desired broker - MT4 Platform, Leverage 500:1.Contact us when account is open and funded to receive CableStriker and Install Guide.

Kind Regards

Ian Wallace.

Senior Trader

Whatsapp: +447896480845